LMPD seeking man suspected in over 20 burglaries

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Police say Dariel Cochran is suspected of breaking into more than 20 businesses across the city.

"We drove up to the store one day, it was on a Wednesday, and the front door was totally -- all the glass was missing," said Michael Bernard, owner of Top City Dry Cleaners and Laundry.

Bernard's business is on Preston Highway. "We think that they just used a hammer or sledge hammer," he said.

Top City is one of several businesses that Metro Police believe have been hit by the alleged serial burglar.

"We are in the numbers of somewhere over 20 at this point between several divisions," Det. Aaron Tinelli, with LMPD's Fourth Division, said.

Det. Tinelli said unlike most break ins, in this case, at least they know who the suspect is.

Police say Cochran has hit businesses from the south to the east end of the city. The latest burglary happening at the Yen Ching Chinese Restaurant on Hurstbourne Lane, where he allegedly used a brick to break through the front door.

"The same situation was happening every single time," Det. Tinellis said.

But at the CVS on Crums lane, police say Cochran took a swing at the clerk who confronted him at the door.

"He missed her and fled the scene," said Det. Tinelli.

Police say Cochran got away, but left an image behind that helped connect him to the burglaries.

"Well, as soon as I saw the picture I knew it was my individual that was involved in the robbery," said Det. Tinelli.

Meanwhile, the break in and damage to the cash register was costly to Michael Bernard at Top City.

"It was a total waste, the system was over $3,000 and we only kept $150 in there so if he had come there and be that desperate, I may have given it to him," Bernard said.

That's why he hopes the suspect is off the street soon.

"And that way he can get the help he obviously needs," said Bernard.

Police say Cochran does have a criminal history.

If you know where he is, you can call LMPD's anonymous tip line at 574-LMPD.

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