Debt free couple offers ways to save in 2019

The Beoughers offer ways to save.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- How about being debt free in the new year? It's always a popular resolution.

One Fern Creek couple made it a reality and have some secrets to saving in 2019.

From tropical beach vacations to Egypt and anywhere in between, the Beougher family has made traveling a priority since the beginning. "We got married when I was 20 and she was 19," Jon Beougher said.

The couple went on two big trips to celebrate milestones in their marriage. "After that, we just wanted to see everything else," Ashley Beougher said.

Not only do Ashley and Jon go on about 10 vacations a year, flying to Costa Rica after the interview, the couple in their early 30s paid off their house in seven years. "We are debt free," Jon Beougher said. "I really do think that anybody can do this, and when I say, 'do this', can win with money."

The Beoughers completed Dave Ramsey's curriculum on saving as high school seniors. "Handling money together was a big positive for our marriage, and the traveling was a big positive. So, those were two passions that lined up really well."

The family is on social media and started a blog called, Traveling Graces that documents their trips. "If we show our family having tons of fun saying, 'this has been such a blessing. You should do it too,' but then don't show them how to do it, same with all the things on finances, it ends up being frustrating and not inspiring," Ashley said.

The site offers ways to budget and travel sites that help save. The couple also teaches a course through their church. They don't consider themselves experts, but want to offer help if you want it. "It can seem so overwhelming when you have these numbers that just don't add up, but what I had heard years ago and I think it's so helpful is it's a lot more simple than you think it is," Ashley said. 

Ashley said income can go up, spending goes down, or you can sell something. Maybe do all three. "Everyone, no matter how much money you have, has a limited amount, and so if you choose to spend it on one thing, you're choosing to say no to something else."

That's why the Beoughers said it's important to prioritize spending. "Whether that means buying a nice house, whether that means whatever, but you have to say no to a lot of other things too. So, finding the one or two things that are important to you," she said.

Have a reason why, dream and a plan.

The Beoughers who have worked their plan for 12 years said people can start today. "Put that much cash in an envelope, and that's all the money you're going to spend on food. So, every time you buy food of every kind, the money comes out of that envelope to pay for it and when it's gone, it's gone," Jon said.

It's all about one step at a time in making 2019 the year for financial fulfillment. "Knowing that change can happen and empowering yourself to be able to take logical practical steps just gives hope, and that's important," Jon said.

For questions, the Beoughers can be reached on social media.

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