LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A local Zaxby's restaurant partnered up with several Ohio Valley wrestlers to help raise money for the Bullitt County Animal Shelter. 

The Zaxby's on Conestoga Parkway donated part of Sunday afternoon's proceeds to help purchase a transport van for rescued animals, which costs nearly $25,000. 

Several Ohio Valley wrestlers including the 'Mexicutioner' made an appearance at the event to help the shelter.

The shelter is also hoping to achieve a no-kill status.

"Ideally if someone would donate a van, a good van, we could use the other money to take care of the transportation needs that we raised with this. That would be the ideal thing that would really kick it off," event organizer Ritchie Gypsy said. 

Ohio Valley Wrestling and the event's organizers are hoping to hold another Louisville fundraiser in the fall.

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