Louisville area teen dedicates Instagram account to ailing grandmother

By Sarah Haeberle, WDRB photojournalist

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- An Instagram account dedicated to a Louisville grandmother dying of cancer is attracting thousands of followers worldwide.

Jeffersonville, Ind., teen Zach Belden posts pictures of Grandma Betty on the account, demonstrating how joy and love can ease the pain of battling cancer.

"Zachary came home from school one day and said, 'Mom, I started grandma an Instagram account," said Hope Belden, Betty's granddaughter.

"The idea was to start an account for my friends who know Grandma Betty," said Zach Belden. "And it turned out to be something everybody started to enjoy."

Zach began by posting pictures of Betty and her late husband shortly after her cancer diagnosis.

Betty says she feels like a celebrity every time she gets a new follower.

"We get joy out of listening to her say everyday, "How many more friends do I have today," Hope Belden said.

"Maybe they'll learn something from me," said Grandma Betty. "I've been here 80 years, maybe they'll learn something good from me."

One of the popular videos posted on the page features Grandma Betty dancing to the hit Pharrell Williams song, "Happy."

"I thought that was cute," Grandma Betty said.

"I can no longer think of that song without thinking of her," Hope Belden said. "This is going to be something we're always going to have and something we're always going to remember and definitely cherish forever. I'll always have that. And we'll always have the Instagram, no matter what."

"I'm glad I get to share her story because I want to remember her forever," Zach Belden said.

You can follow Grandma Betty's Instagram account by clicking here.

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