Louisville defendant held in contempt for calling prosecutor gay slur

LOUISVILLE, Ky., (WDRB) – A Louisville defendant was held in contempt this week in Jefferson District Court for calling a prosecutor a “fu--ing queer” Tuesday.

Danny Ray Hoskins was in Judge Todd Hollenbach’s courtroom on a charge of criminal mischief when he used the slur against Assistant County Attorney Bryan Moore. 

County Attorney Mike O’Connell, who was not the prosecutor on the case, asked that Hoskins be held in contempt and a hearing was set for Wednesday morning.

O’Connell agreed to a one-day served sentence for the contempt charge as long as Hoskins apologized.

However, Hollenbach informed both sides his docket of cases on Tuesday was inadvertently not recorded, meaning there was no video proof of what Hoskins said.

During Wednesday’s contempt hearing, O’Connell initially suggested the judge take testimony from witnesses as to what was said.  

Instead, Hoskins, 30, acknowledged his comment – and actually repeated it at the insistence of O’Connell so it would be recorded on video for an official court record.

“I apologize for saying what I said to you and whoever it might offend,” Hoskins told Moore. 


Hollenbach told Hoskins that “this community has always been an open, welcoming, hospitable and tolerant community. We pride ourselves on that. … I don’t think there is a court in this land that would tolerate that kind of language, that kind of behavior, that kind of disruption.”

Hoskins was sentenced to the one day in jail and fined $100.

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