LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville is reporting COVID-19 numbers it hasn't seen in months. The city is now in the red zone, and hospitals are seeing an increase, too.

It's a trend the city saw six months ago, and doctors are worried, because now, they're seeing a steeper incline in those hospitalizations.

"It's concerning for me," said Dr. Hugh Shoff, associate chief medical officer with U of L Health. "I actually work in the emergency department. I worked two overnights over this weekend and saw a good number of patients that are coming in with COVID."

He said there were 83 people admitted Tuesday morning with COVID-19. Twenty-one of them are in the ICU.

Four weeks ago, they had about 10 patients admitted.

"If we continue going in this trend and this transmission rate we're seeing, we're going to see it really taxing our health care system," Shoff said.

Doctors at Norton Healthcare are seeing the same thing, but they are concerned about the amount of kids being admitted.

"Our admission numbers look like they did last winter," said Dr. Kris Bryant with Norton Children’s Infectious Diseases.

Ten kids are there with COVID-19. Four of them are in the ICU. Two are on ventilators. Overall, 102 people are hospitalized at Norton. Thirty-one people are in the ICU, and 23 people are on ventilators.

"I think rather than focusing on the ventilator so much, maybe the key metric is 10 kids in the hospital," Bryant said. "In June, on any given day, we didn't have any."

To prevent kids from being hospitalized, they suggest those who are eligible to get vaccinated. It will help them, too.

"When there are young people in the household, vaccinating everyone around them can help protect them," Bryant said.

You might remember us talking about the ICU capacity last year.

Doctors said if this trend continues, they're going to be talking about that again a lot more moving forward.

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