Louisville entrepreneur creates 'NodPod' to help travelers sleep

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A new device created by a Louisville-based entrepreneur is helping people who have trouble sleeping on airplanes.

It's called the NodPod.

There is a "little pouch [that] holds all the cords, so you can just roll it up," Louisville entrepreneur and NodPod creator, Paula Blankenship said. "It's very light weight. It fits right in your bag. [You can] stick it in your purse."

It's a new travel tool if you're looking to get some shuteye.

"It goes over the back of the seat, any seat. It works in your car, it works on a plane, on the bus, anything that has a seat back," Blankenship said.

It connects to the back of your chair and keeps your head from bobbing while you sleep.

Blankenship travels a lot for work.

She says she gets, "uncomfortable trying to sleep. Trying to get those first few hours of sleep in the mornings, getting up so early to catch flights, coming home late." 

While Blankenship was lights out during flight, a light bulb went on.

"I'm going to tie my scarf around my neck," she said. "And I did, and I looked like a pure idiot, and I didn't care. And I tied it around my head and I slept the whole way."

That's where the NodPod dream was born.

"It dawned on me during a half-asleep, half-awake [state]," Blankenship said. "I just knew exactly what to do. I could not wait to get off the plane and go to my sewing machine."

NodPod got its start on a crowdfunding site, Kickstarter, in July. That's where people can still pre-order the product. It's not even on the market yet and it's still exceeding pre-order projections. More than 1,000 have been sold.

"We have so many people reaching out to us to be distributors all over the world. We've been contacted from Cambodia, to Taiwan, to Japan, to Spain, to Germany," Blankenship said.

Blankenship has been contacted by popular TV shows too. Although she says she can't announce which ones yet, she promises she will be representing Louisville soon on a global scale.

Right now, the NodPod pillow runs for $32 and the set runs for $59.

There's a Support Our Troops Combo for $35. Along with your NodPod, you can send a pillow to a member of the military. For $62, you can get the set and send the NodPod pillow and blanket to a member of the military. 

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