LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – A Louisville family is still begging for answers seven years after Bryan Lewis and his dog were shot and killed in the Beechmont neighborhood.

Lewis was 21 years old when detectives said someone shot and killed him inside his home on Bicknell Avenue, off Taylor Boulevard, on Oct. 20, 2012. Lewis' mother, Rhonda Mars, said her son was still up watching TV when she went to bed around midnight that night. She woke up around 2 a.m. to the sound of gunshots.

"And he was laying there dead," Mars said, her voice shaking. "They say somebody knocked on our door and shot him."

Their dog, Champ, was also shot and killed.

Seven years later, no one has been charged with the murder, and the case has gone cold. The family raised $10,000 a few years ago and wants to remind everyone that the reward money is still available, hoping it will revive the case. Mars and dozens of family members stood on the corner of Bicknell Avenue and Taylor Boulevard on Sunday to hand out flyers.

"We want justice," Mars said. "We want whoever did this to pay for what they've done. I don't think I'll even have peace without Bryan being here."

Mars describes her son as a good man and a dedicated father. She said he wasn't into any trouble and loved his children, who were 3 and 6 months old at the time of the murder. Those children were out holding signs Sunday, asking for help to find their father's killer.

"They took his life, and it was brutal," said Lewis' aunt, Pam Lewis. "And it was just horrible, and we want to know why. It would be at least some kind of peace of mind to know that person is not out here murdering someone else's family member."

If you have any information that can help police, you can anonymously call 502-574-LMPD. The $10,000 reward will be given to whoever provides information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone involved.

"I want somebody to grow a conscience and tell what they know, because someone knows something," Pam Lewis said.

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