Louisville Independent Business Alliance brings local small business leaders together

Small businesses are “Keeping Louisville Weird.” 

The Louisville Independent Business Alliance, also known as LIBA, held a business exposition at The Mellwood Arts Center on Thursday. Nearly 500 people attended the event and more than 60 businesses set up booths. It was open to the public, but participants had to be a LIBA member to host a booth. 

LIBA costs $100 each year to join. It brings businesses together for seminars and for mentorship, but most importantly, it gives independent business leaders a chance to meet so they can do business together. 

“LIBA has been a wonderful source, as a resource for friendships, but even more important for products of services or just advice that I might need,” said Jackee Schwartz, Founder of Planet Einstein. “I love the seminars. We actually got a couple of customers from doing this last year.”

"Fourteen cents of your dollar to a national chain business stays in the community compared to if you’re an independent business, 55 cents of your dollar will stay locally. That means the independent business owners are spending it within the community and it stays within the community to help Louisville grow, not just in size but in culture and character,” said Ashley Parker, President of the LIBA board president.

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