Louisville LGBTQ advocates rally against Supreme Court's decision in favor of Denver baker

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Dozens of people rallied on the steps of Louisville Metro Hall on Monday in opposition to the Supreme Court’s decision to side with a Denver bakery owner who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.

The court’s decision was 7-2, ultimately making it exclusive to just this case. It set aside a ruling against baker Jack Phillips, citing what it said is anti-religious bias from the Colorado Civil Rights Commission.

“It did not say there was anything wrong with the fairness law in Colorado, just that the way the law was applied by the civil rights commission was not correct,” said Chris Hartman, Director of the Fairness Campaign. “To be frank, the implications are not broad in the way that opponents of LGBTQ rights were really hoping for.”

More than 50 supporters of LGBTQ rights, the Fairness Campaign and the American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky held signs and chanted their disappointment with the decision Monday night.

Shannon Fauver, a Louisville-based civil rights attorney, was quick to note the Denver case is only one situation, not a template for how other similar cases could be presented or ruled on in the future.

“What’s going to happen is someone is going to get discriminated against and say ‘Well, see, the Supreme Court said it was fine,’" Fauver said. "It’s like that’s not really what they are saying that in this case, they didn’t really rule on everybody."

Some are happy with the court’s decision and proudly stand behind the court’s decision and freedom of religion.

“The bottom line is that the first amendment shouldn’t be road kill on the way to political correctness,” said Martin Cothran with the Family Foundation of Kentucky. “Just because it is not popular as is the case right now doesn’t mean that you should defend it. This is what the Supreme Court underlined in their decision: that you have to be fair when you make these kinds of decisions.”

Phillips said he has lost business because of the controversy.

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