David Whobrey

David Whobrey (Source: Louisville Metro Corrections)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Police say a man has been arrested months after he brutally beat a woman whose car had broken down, knocking out three of her teeth in the process.

The incident took place on Oct. 20.

Police say the woman's car had broken down, so she walked to a nearby Speedway gas station on Cane Run Road, near Crums Lane.

While there, she asked several people for money so she could get some gas for her car.

Police say 20-year-old David Whobrey and several others were there. Whobrey gave her $2.

As the woman began walking back to her vehicle, Whobrey and three others got into Whobrey's vehicle and began following the woman. 

According to an arrest warrant, Whobrey pulled up to the woman, jumped out of his car and knocked the woman to the ground.

At this point, the victim claims Whobrey fell into "a rage." Police say he began punching her in the face and kicking her in the head.

Three of the woman's teeth were knocked out -- and police say she may lose a fourth. She also sustained several knots to her head, as well as swelling and bruises to her face.

Whobrey then took her cash and cell phone and fled.

When the woman got up to leave, she picked up an ID that was on the ground, thinking that it was hers. Police say it was actually Whobrey's.

She then went home and called police. 

A warrant was issued for Whobrey's arrest on Nov. 22. He was taken into custody by Louisville Metro Police Tuesday afternoon.

Whobrey is charged with first-degree robbery. He is currently being held in Louisville Metro Corrections.

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