LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Sleepy Hollow Drive in Oldham County is peaceful and secluded, but, according to investigators, a woman in the area said she saw a man dump two bodies in a driveway.

And John "Tyson" Lane, 45, is now behind bars. He's charged with two counts of assault, and in court, he wore a shirt that read, "Discipline equals freedom."

Police said Lane got into a fight in August with two men and injured them so badly, they were hospitalized. Louisville Rugby Football Club said they are not current players and haven't played for decades, but they are known in the club.

"The witness called Oldham County Police where the defendant was seen dumping bodies of two men in a driveway in Oldham County," the prosecutor said.

Investigators said both men were taken to University of Louisville Hospital with life-threatening injuries.

"The injuries sound to be significant," the prosecutor said. "One was hospitalized and the other was placed on life support and is continuing to have ongoing medical care."

Lane's attorney, John Harralson, said the two victims' injuries are not that serious.

"Both victims are out of the hospital and are going to be OK. They all have mutual friends from the Louisville Rugby team," he said. "The two victims were friends. They spend the day together on the river. The two victims had been drinking heavily. One of them strangled him while he was driving his car. It's not in the report. Once he got the car stopped, the fight ensued, and he won the fight."

His attorney told the judge that Lane is a mortgage banker and life-long Louisville resident who is not a danger to the community.

The judge ordered Lane to have no contact with the victims and no contact with the Louisville Rugby team saying, "because that seems to be the common denominator between the three."

Lane's bond was set at $50,000 full cash, and the judge lowered it to $25,000 because the two victims are out of the hospital.

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