Louisville MetroSafe hiring 911 call takers, dispatchers

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Louisville Metro Emergency Services is hiring 911 call takers and 911 dispatchers for the MetroSafe 911 call center.

The department is short 24 positions, according to LMEMS public information officer Mitchell Burmeister.

“When we don’t have full staff,” Burmeister said. "We still have to maintain minimums. So we’re pulling people in on overtime to make sure those positions are filled.”

He also said some of those vacant positions will be filled with new staff members who are training right now. So the department is currently hiring to help fill what will be the remaining 11 open positions.

“We would encourage anyone with a background in public safety or an interest in public safety to apply for these positions,” Burmeister said.

The jobs were posted online last week, and the department will accept applications through Friday. Click here for the full-time 911 dispatcher position, which pays $22.85 per hour. Click here for the full-time 911 call taker position, which pays $20.53 per hour.

New hires will have to complete an eight week academy. Then they will train side-by-side with current call takers or dispatchers. It takes about three to four months of one-on-one training before 911 call takers are released on their own. And it could take up to a full year of training before dispatchers can work alone.

“This is definitely a demanding job,” said Burmeister. “We are that lifeline that you call for help.”

Burmeister said the positions require one year of public safety experience or the equivalent of 30 college credit hours. Call takers and dispatchers must also be able to multi-task, work long hours, and calmly handle stressful situations.

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