Louisville native gives back with bicycles

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Louisville man is helping children pedal to a brighter future, providing a simple act of kindness that's going a long way.

It's a story of two families. Jennifer Ramirez is a single mother of two. Toby Farris is currently out of work, but not at a loss for working hard.

"If I don't have laundry, dishes, things around the house to do, so when I have that half hour, 45 minutes to do, it's nice to come out here and tinker with stuff," Farris said.

Farris' garage has been a temporary home for dozens of bicycles. "It's just a few hours out of my time, out of a rinky-dink garage, with one little toolbox full of rusty tools," Farris said.

The bicycles are waiting for another chance at riding. "A lot of these kids just don't have a bike, just anything. Just something to ride. It kind of breaks my heart when I see that. So, I at least wanted to do a little something. I can't do much. I'll bloody my knuckles, I'll bust 'em up, get 'em dirty, just to make some kid smile," Farris said.

The loyal Cardinals fan is helping some of the youngest kids in his hometown. New grips, tires and wheels are some of the donations that Farris relies on from the community. "I should have maybe ten or 15 [bikes] in the next few weeks to be able to donate and give away to local children. It makes me feel real good," he said.

After a pair of wheels is finished, Farris offers up some kindness during the month of love. "There's a lot of hate in this world today. I don't understand why. We all need to love each other and help each other out as much as we can because this world would be a better place for it," Farris said.

Farris asks if anyone's in need on Facebook. He calls his initiative Bikes 4 Tykes.

Jen Ramirez answered his post.

One day, the two came together to make a couple of bicycles practically new again. "I was surprised. I didn't know what was going to happen," said Jen's son Elijah. "It's great. I really love it."

"I'm glad that he made it," said Jen's daughter, Raquel Sanchez.

What starts out as countless hours for a child he doesn't know, turns into a few minutes that make it all worth it. "Anything that I can do to see them smile when they get on a bike for the first time, or if they've never had one just to go off riding, it's something," Farris said.

"Words can't even describe it. I'm just so happy that they're happy now, " Jen Ramirez said.

To donate to Bikes 4 Tykes, click here

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