Louisville salon on the cutting edge with new German hair-cutting tool

A Louisville salon is on the cutting edge by using a brand new tool from Germany called the Calligraphy Cut Pen to cut hair.

Stylists at Lyndia Willis Salon on Frankfort Avenue say scissors are outdated.

“It's like an upgrade revolution going on,” said Michael Willis, co-owner of Lyndia Willis Salon.

The tool is only used in 54 hair salons across the country, and Lyndia is the only one in Kentucky.

Hair “will feel a lot lighter, but still fuller and healthier, which is an oxymoron, but that's the way it works,” said Julian Seidel, Calligraphy Pen Director of Education.

The pen is long with an angled blade inside, and stylists are supposed to be certified to use it.

“You can't buy the tool," Seidel said. "You have to do certification to do it the right way, and it's very, very exclusive."

Seidel traveled from Germany to train and certify the stylists at Lyndia Willis Salon. The angled blade was inspired by fresh-cut flowers.

“When you cut flowers at home, you cut them on an angle, correct?” Seidel said.

He said that's how you create a larger area for the stem to absorb more moisture, and hair works the same way.

Willis said it’s the first major hair-cutting tool invented since the scissors.

“I think the Calligraphy Pen is going to change the way we do hair cutting,” Willis said.

The stylists swear by it and said the results are instantaneous. It makes locks healthier and thicker.

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