Louisville Salt Cave used by many to relieve allergies, stress and acne

The inside of the Louisville Salt Cave Road looks like a world far away from Shelbyville Road.

Filled with pink Himalayan salt crystals, it's said to be hundreds of millions of years old.

“People have said they feel like it's heaven” said Nicole Bartlett, co-owner of Louisville Salt Cave. “They've said it feels like outer space. You go into a really different state of consciousness than awake while you're in there.”

Visitors enter the cave, pick a chair, get comfortable and relax for 45 minutes.

“We use the space for meditation, prayer, resting or napping,” said Angela Kepler, who suffers from allergies and uses the cave regularly. “I started coming here for the allergy relief."

Kepler said she has tried everything she can think of, including surgery. While the surgery helped, she said the cave gives here promising results.

“I don't take any type of allergy medicine," she said. I used to take medicine twice a day."

Allergy relief is just one of the claimed benefits to relaxing in the cave.

“The benefits of the salt cave are mental health, respiratory health and skin health,” said Bartlett, adding that it can help with asthma, ear infections, skin disorders like acne, anxiety and sleep disorders.

“You're breathing in the salty air, which helps to reduce inflammation along the respiratory tract ,and it's good for breaking up congestion,," Bartlett said. "So if you suffer from allergies, it's going to help dry that out a little bit."

You don't need special clothes to go inside the cave. Just wear something comfortable, slip off your shoes and cover your feet.

Whether the cave is used to nap or to mediate, regulars like Kepler say they don't leave the cave feeling the same way they did when they arrived.

“It's been kind of a blessing,” she said.

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