'Louisville Scan Man' gets noticed for side business

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Louisville man prides himself on serving as a watchful eye over Kentuckiana. Within the last few years, his hobby turned side business is getting him noticed. 

Chris DeMarsh prefers to know the inner workings around town. "I've always been a follower of the news. I was the only kid who ever watched local news. Everybody else thought I was weird because I wanted to know what was going on around town," DeMarsh said.

When it involves a tune up, he makes his living coming to the rescue. "I've done runs in Indiana, Jefferson County, Oldham Count." 

From car jumps to lockouts and flat tires, he runs his own roadside assistance business. 

However, what he's most known for is Louisville Scan Man. "Oh yeah. I've been recognized many times," he said. "Louisville Scan Man is intended to be a way to educate people on what's going on around them in real time."

It started as a hobby. "My mom bought me a scanner when I was ten years old and I messed around with it and ended up on one of the county police channels and stayed up until three o'clock in the morning listening to traffic stops and after that, I kind of got hooked."

Then, an incident in 2004 involved his neighborhood and police. "There was a wounded burglar running around and I was the only one without a badge who knew about it."

That helped spark Louisville Scan Man, a place to report potential emergencies to help people avoid the situation.

"Even when I started the website back in 2006, it never occurred to me that it would grow into anything like this."

Four years since starting his Facebook page, the group has grown to almost 19,000 members. "We want people to know what's going on, where it's at generally and how bad it is."

He doesn't mind the fan base or some negative reviews. What means more is having a trustworthy reputation, whether it's helping with technical issues or watching over his neighborhood and city. "I just like going around helping people. It's a pretty good job. Pretty rewarding."

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