Homeless Downtown

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Louisville task force is taking a deeper dive into helping people living on the streets.

In a virtual meeting Thursday, the Homelessness Task Force picked out several key areas to focus on in the days ahead.

Their goals are to identify people who are consistently coming in and out of shelters, finding homeless families permanent places to live, and finding a way to help those dealing with serious mental and physical disabilities and addiction.

"In order for us to move them into housing, and keep them housed, we have to stabilize them first. So guys, we got to start thinking about how we can be more innovative, pioneering in this area," Tameka Laird, director of the Metro Office of Resilience and Community Resources, said.

The task force is working with about $10 million to help the city's homeless, but is in critical need of more money.

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