3 Louisville teens remembered 1 year after fatal train crash

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – One year ago, four teenagers were on their way to play soccer when a train smashed into their car. On Saturday afternoon, the lone survivor of that devastating crash visited the site that changed his life and the way drivers now pass that train crossing.

“It's been traumatic,” train enthusiast Anthony Collman said.

Collman was there the day four teenagers were hit by the train, pushing them hundreds of feet down the tracks. Now a year later, he and members of the Bhutanese community are remembering Nagin Thapa, Chita Chuwan and Suk Man Rai.

“Those three young boys were very fine young men with prosperous futures,” said Bhutanese community leader Bhim Koirala.

Their pictures were placed at the Buechel Avenue train crossing with flowers and candles. Collman, who was at this very site a year ago taking video of passing trains, caught the entire crash on camera.

“The car was just nothing left of it,” Collman said. “I don't know what else to say. It was just very traumatic.”

“It brought a great grief to the family,” Koirala said.

Kismat Mishra was in the back seat of the car sitting behind the driver. Family says he vaguely remembers the crash. While he's had a hard time coping, his friends and soccer buddies have been by his side.

“I can tell it really still has a scar with him ... and it has for me as well,” Collman said.

“Since the accident happened, I didn't drive on this road for about six or seven months,” Koirala said.

Despite the tragic loss, family and friends say the one good thing to come from the crash is crossing gates.

“Thank God that these gates and new flashers and stop signs were put here,” Collman said.

The crossing gates, that could have saved those three lives, were installed this past December.

Mishra graduated from Waggener High School last year and plans to go to college in the fall.

Update: 2 dead and 2 injured in Saturday's train crash were JCPS students

Third teen dead after car collides with train

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