UPS taking steps to attract a more diverse workforce

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville UPS pilots are taking their complaints to the company's investors. 

The company's pilots placed a full-page ad in The Wall Street Journal Thursday, pushing for a new contract.

The union also picketed at a UPS investors conference in New York.

"That has been the largest issues: pilot scheduling, fatigue and safety concerns," said Bob Travis of the Independent Pilots Association.

Negotiations stretched over four years and took a turn after the crash of Flight 1354. The Louisville flight fell short of the runway in Birmingham last year, killing the crew on board. Investigators found fatigue to be a contributing factor in their fatal mistakes.

"Our pilots are being pushed to limits of safety through overreaching productivity and efficiencies UPS has put into the scheduling practice, which we believe are just unsafe," said Travis.

UPS spokesman Mike Mangeot said, "Safety is a top priority." Mangeot said UPS pilots only fly 30 hours a month, far less than the FAA restrictions, while earning an average $290,000 a year.

The union wants UPS to adopt more commercial regulations, guaranteeing its pilots at least 10 hours between shifts. It's suing the FAA over same issue.

Louisville is the hub of the entire UPS Airlines operation. This deal impacts nearly 3,000 workers. 

The union took out another ad last month saying pilots will continue to fly through the peak season, and reminding customers of the UPS Christmas blunder. Last year guaranteed packages arrived days after the holiday. Earlier this year the company announced plans to hire 95,000 seasonal to better handle the holiday rush.

"There are many holes left in the UPS system without this contract being finalized," Travis said. The

The two sides are locked in federal mediation. It's a very turbulent negotiation with no end in sight.

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