Louisville woman heads to Florida to bring family to safety ahead of Hurricane Irma

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- With millions of Floridians fleeing the state ahead of Hurricane Irma, one Louisville woman flew towards the danger. Not for fun, but to get her loved ones to safety.

Midge Rose has been through several big hurricanes in her past 20 years in Naples, Florida, and never left the state. But this time was different. 

"My husband is not well," Rose said. "He's also on oxygen and I was afraid if we ran out of electric we could be in real trouble."

There was no doubt, they needed to evacuate. But her husband can't fly. So Rose's daughter Patsy flew down to Naples to drive the couple more than a thousand miles back to Louisville. 

"We started out on Wednesday this week around 1, and we had made a reservation in Macon, Georgia, which generally is halfway for us and takes us about 8 hours. It took us 17 hours to get to Macon," Rose said. 

With more than a million people evacuating the state, all major roads were gridlocked with bumper-to-bumper traffic. 

"It was stop and go. Sometimes it was 2-miles an hour," Rose said. 

And that wasn't the only problem. 

"I saw some gas stations that had no gas, people were trying to use the restrooms. When you went to a rest stop on I-75, they were lined up out into the highway."

But even that wasn't Rose's biggest fear. 

"We were concerned about him being out here so long that we would run out of oxygen for him and that was scary," she said.

From Macon, what normally would take eight hours took them another 13 to get to Louisville. Despite that, Rose doesn't regret leaving.

"I just hope that all my friends at home are safe and that they come out of there, and I do hope when I do get back home I have some clothes and my furniture. But if we don't, we're all okay," she said.

They got into Louisville early Friday morning, just after midnight. The trip took about 30 hours in all. 

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