LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- Louisville's once thriving hotels are hoping for more hustle and bustle in the coming months as the economy rebounds from the coronavirus pandemic. 

But right now, the music drowns out the silence at at The Brown Hotel.

"Being right here in the center of town, there's always a lot of hustle and bustle," said Marc Salmon, human resource director at The Brown Hotel. "People coming in and out, people coming in trying our world famous hot brown."

Salmon said the hotel, built in 1923, is the quietest it has been in recent years.

"Bookings dropped drastically," he said. "A hotel sitting at — that would normally be sitting at 85-90% — is sitting at 20%."

As the economy slowly reopens, those at The Brown Hotel say they are starting to see signs of life again. 

"Tourism is starting to come back a little bit," Salmon said. 

As people begin to travel, more hotels that decided to close due to the pandemic are making plans to reopen.

"We want to make sure all our guests are safe, as well as all of our staff members are safe," said Kerrie Richardson, a spokesperson for Louisville's Omni Hotel. 

The currently boarded-up Omni Hotel in downtown Louisville said it hopes to open Aug. 1, but that could change.

"We also want to monitor what the actual business demand is," Richardson said. "It doesn't make sense for Omni to reopen if there is not enough people that are traveling."

Louisville Tourism said more than 200 events have been canceled in the city, costing the economy more than $260 million.

"The hospitality industry in Louisville, as it is throughout the state, as it is nationwide, is probably the worst hit industry ever," said Karen Williams, president of Louisville Tourism."

However, the tourism department said it is confident business will bounce back.

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