Madison Consolidated High students protest after principal reassigned with no explanation

MADISON, Ind. (WDRB) -- Students in Madison, Ind., took to the pavement Thursday to protest the reassignment of their high school principal. 

The school board voted Wednesday night to move Madison Consolidated High School principal Kevin Yancey from his principal position to a new position of "Alumni Relations-Outreach Coordinator."

Yancey will receive the same pay and benefits, but he didn't want to be moved and initially declined the position.

Around 300 students walked out of class Thursday morning to protest the reassignment Superintendent.

Yancey was present at the protest. 

"Part of being a principal is you've got to get the kids -- you love them and you want to motivate them to do well in school. We've been here a long time, seven years, and I've taught here, so it means a lot to me." 

"You're disappointed, but again, I have respect for the board and all these individuals on the board I've known since I was younger," Yancey said.

Late Thursday afternoon, the Board of School Trustees and Superintendent Dr. Ginger Bolinger issued a joint statement:

"We are very excited about this new district-level position. Mr. Yancey brings a special blend of talents to this role, has great relationships with a number of alumni throughout our region, and appreciates the potential of what these types of relationships could mean for our district. Over the last two years, our vision and expectations for this initiative have developed to a point where we felt in order to do it effectively, we needed full-time focus,” shared Bolinger. “We appreciate the work Mr. Yancey has done while at MCHS, and we see this as an opportunity to further develop his strengths while simultaneously focusing on building a long-term endowment for Madison Consolidated Schools."

After that statement was emailed to WDRB, board members Rob Kring and Jeanne Dugle, called a WDRB reporter. During the conversation they both voiced displeasure with the decision made Wednesday night. The vote was 3-2 with Kring and Dugle both voting against the move. Board members, Carl Glesing, Joyce Imel and Linda LaCour could not be reached for comment.

WDRB submitted a request with the superintendent Thursday morning but that request was not answered. 

An open records request was submitted for Yancey's personnel file on Thursday.

Dugle said the likely reason for the superintendent to move Yancey was his performance reviews. However, Kring doubted the assessments warranted being removed as principal.

"Kevin was my principal my last year of teaching," Dugle said. "In all my 32 years of teaching, he was the best principal I had."

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