Maker's Mark uses new temperature-controlled limestone cave to make Makers 46

LORETTO, Ky. (WDRB) -- Maker's Mark is one of the biggest selling bourbons in the world.  When the distillery started making Makers 46 almost seven years ago, it ran into a problem.

The distillery could only make the top shelf whiskey in the winter months. Mature Maker's Mark has to sit in wooden staves at 50 degrees or cooler for nine weeks to give the Makers 46 its bold, spicy taste.

“When the French oak finishing stave comes together with the fully matured Maker’s Mark, boom!” said Rob Samuels, Chief Operating Officer of Maker’s Mark.

The Maker's Mark distillery is carved into a hillside to make a temperature-controlled, natural limestone whiskey cellar to be able to make the bourbon all year long.

“Makers 46 has been tremendously well received and has grown quite rapidly, so that necessitated us creating this type of environment to support the growth of the future as there is big time demand for Makers 46,” Samuels said.

This new cellar has space to store more than 2,000 barrels. It will be open for tours early next year.

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