LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Maker's Mark has unveiled its latest releases in its Wood Finishing Series.

The newly-released bourbons are called BRT-01 & BRT-02. In keeping with tradition, the newest releases showcase another intentional choice within the Maker’s Mark bourbon-making process – barrel rotation. 

That's why they're called BRT-01 and BRT-02.

As bourbon ages in barrels, a lot of its flavor comes from the barrel's reaction to different temperatures when barrels are moved to different parts of the rickhouse. But these new releases get their distinct flavor because they are not moved. 

BRT-01 is stored at the hotter top part of the rickhouse, and has tastes of brown sugar and stone fruit. BRT-02 is kept at the bottom of the rickhouse, where it's cooler. Its taste is reminiscent of of dark fruit and chocolate.

The new releases are available at retailers for $59.99.

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