Man accused of shooting LMPD officer said his name has been 'dragged through the mud'

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB)-- The call came in, the crime tape went up and the city held its breath. In June, LMPD Officer Brad Shouse was shot in the foot, and Dimitri Harris was taken into custody for it.  

Investigators said Harris led officers on a chase near Kemmons Drive. Since that day in June, LMPD has stood by that narrative, even though charges against Harris have never been filed. 

When asked Monday if he shot the officer, Harris replied, "No I didn't. I ran from the officer, but I never pulled a gun or anything."

The 24-year-old, now on house arrest for separate wanton endangerment charges, denies just about everything LMPD accuses him of doing.

"I never had a gun or nothing," Harris said. "I didn't pull it from my waistband or nothing."

He does, however, admit to taking off.

"I was scared," he said. "I knew I had warrants and wasn't trying to go back to jail."

He contends that having a past gives no one a reason to point the finger at him for the shooting.

"I've never been charged," he said. "I never went to jail because of that. I went to jail because of warrants."

Harris said his name has been dragged through the mud, and the relationship with his kids has been threatened.

"My oldest seen me on the news when it first happened. I don't like that," he said. "I just want my name cleared. I want the public to know I didn't shoot that officer."

LMPD wouldn't agree to an interview about this story. They said they accused Harris for a reason, the investigation continues and that charges against him for the shooting of Shouse still aren't out of the question.

Harris isn't worried because he said he knows what really happened that night.

"I believe he shot himself in the foot," Harris said.

He added that he's looking into filing a lawsuit against LMPD.

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