Man kicked out of Louisville no-limit pay lake for catching too many fish

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Another fisherman is kicked out of a no-limit pay lake this week for catching too many fish.

Austin Curry recorded video of getting kicked out of Horseshoe Pay Lake in southern Jefferson County. The Bowling Green man's ticket dated March 26, when he paid $20 to fish for 12 hours. It says no limit.

Curry says he caught about 40 fish that day and just three the time before.

In that cell phone video, Horseshoe Pay Lake business partner Curtis Ables says the fish cost $2 per pound, adding that Curry needed to "catch within reason."

"Last Saturday, I got there at 6:30," Curry said. "Started catching fish, and at 8:30, Curtis came and raised my basket and said, you are out of here. I said why? He said you caught too many fish."

When WDRB reporter Valerie Chinn asked what the "no limit" description meant, Ables said it isn't just about fish.

"It can mean anything," Ables said. "It could be a no limit on the tickets. All I'm telling you is I've got rules out here and these individuals are going to follow them or they're not going to be out of here."

Ables says there about 30 men who take advantage of the lake. Inside the bait house, there is now a handwritten sign that says there's a 12 fish limit.

"I can tell you if you're breaking my rules, you're going out the gate," he said.

Back in May of last year, Ron Riordan was also kicked out of Horseshoe Pay Lake. That video went viral.

Riordan: "You stocked the fish. I paid my fee."

Pay Lake: "You are done here. Period."

Riordan: "Why am I done? It's a no-limit lake."

Pay Lake: "For you, there's a limit on you."

In the office, there are now new tickets that no longer say "no limit."  At the bottom of the ticket, it says "no commercial fishing on the lake."

Jeff Yocum, a Volunteer at Horseshoe Pay Lake says, "He puts them in for everybody, not just handful of guys to catch them all out and them sell them.

"A good question is why do we remain no limit?" Yocum asked. "We stay no limit because your average fisherman might come fish seven times and not catch a single fish. On his eighth trip, he starts catching ... it's not fair to tell him to stop. That's why we stay no limit. Limit only applies to the greedy and those known for selling the fish."

Curry says he doesn't sell them, but gives them away. Curry says he uses them for fish fry's. Ables says tell him about the fish fry's, and he'll donate the fish instead.

The Horseshoe Pay Lake Facebook page now says, "2 pole limit, no limit (12 fish on certain people)." The business points to the many happy customers, instead of the few who have been kicked out.

The business has also installed surveillance cameras in the last few months to document what is going on at the lake.

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