Reid Travis Dunk

Kentucky graduate transfer Reid Travis slammed home two points in the first half of Kentucky's win over Kansas.

KANSAS CITY, Mo (WDRB)- Reid Travis came to Kentucky to win.

After four years at Stanford, Travis only had one year of college eligibility remaining.

He wanted to play in the NCAA Tournament, and he wanted to compete for a championship.

"As far as just being able to prepare a player in one year for what they want to do, getting a collective group of guys that never played with each other in one year, you got to accelerate the process to win at a high level and get in the right shape to play beyond college," said Travis. "I felt like (Kentucky) was a great opportunity for me."

Before he could win. Reid Travis had to lose.

"He was 260-something pounds," said John Calipari. "I said, 'You got to lose 20 pounds. You can't -- we can't get -- you're going to have to move better, have to go quicker'."

Travis hasn't been shy about putting in work, and he wasn't when it came to losing the weight.

He got down to 242 pounds, and Calipari wanted him to drop five more.

The problem was Travis was already down to 4 percent body fat.

"I went, '4 percent? You would have to give up a kidney, are you kidding me?'," said Calipari.

"I looked at him and said 'I don't think I can do that', and I am pretty honest with coaches, I usually say 'yes' all the time," said Travis, laughing. "If you think I can do something I am going to strive for that. When he asked me to lose the last five I said I could try but I kind of put my body to the limit to get to where I was and I felt good. So credit to him for saying 'Ya, I think you're right on that'."

Now Travis carries the weight of an Elite 8 game against Auburn with a trip to the Final Four in his hometown of Minneapolis the reward for a victory.

"I'm really excited for it, but no more than any other game," said Travis. "I'm trying to just take the preparation the same way, just approach it like any other game. I feel like if you look at it too much as far as trying to go home and kind of put all that on it, that's just too much weight on it."

If Reid Travis say that's too much weight, you have to trust him.

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