Meade County school district launches 'snow learning days'

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Students in Meade County can say goodbye to make up snow days.

The school district is partaking in a new program known as "Snow Learning Days." This means students do their work at home during a snow day, instead of making it up at the end of the school year.

Allison Doutaz, a librarian at Brandenburg Primary and mother of second grader Zeke Doutaz, supports the new learning program.

"I was excited when they started saying this was something we were going to be looking into," Doutaz said.

Snow learning days change the schedule for students at home but Zeke enjoys it.

"I eat breakfast and then I play a little bit and then work on Sumdog [a math game] for a little bit, and then sometimes leave the house, and then we come back and then we do some of my packet," said Zeke.

And for Mom, the at-home activities are a blessing.

"To me, it's just a little extra work and honestly, it gives him something to do also, especially on days where we can't get outside, it's a little colder and we can't get out and play as much, so I think it's fantastic," said Doutaz.

Rural areas throughout the state miss a lot of school due to snow days. On average, Meade County schools miss 10 to13 days per year.

Meade County Schools Superintendent John Millay said the homework covers everything from math and reading to art and music. The teachers check over it, the students have five days after they return from school to get those packets turned in.

So far, Meade County officials are pleased with how many students finish the work.

"After our first day snow day, packet one, our principal had emailed us about a week or so afterwards and said we had 97 percent of students who had completed packets and turned them in, which I think is a fantastic number considering we have about 650 students at our school," said Doutaz said.

"Based on our initial results so far, it's been very positive, so we want to maintain that momentum and hope it's something we'll continue to do," said Millay.  

Meade County schools hope the snow learning days keep students engaged and on-track throughout the snow months.

"School is always going to be the very best, but sometimes when we miss a lot of days, we want to keep on learning and we want to keep that structural momentum to make sure kids stay on-target, so this has been very good for us," said Millay.

Teachers and administration will review students' work to see if this is a program that should continue next year. Right now, 40 districts across the state are using snow learning days.

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