Patients receive COVID-19 Vaccine

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A local doctor says people who have already contracted COVID-19 shouldn't hesitate to receive a vaccine once it's available.

If you've had COVID-19 and have recovered, Dr. Matt McDanald says you will gain some sort of immunity for about 90 days -- but you shouldn't wait to make an appointment.

McDanald, the chief medical officer at Baptist Health La Grange, says he has had patients become re-infected again, even after they have had COVID-19. So he recommends recovering COVID patients get the vaccine as soon as their quarantine ends, because it will provide more immunity than a previous infection of the virus would.

Everyone's immune system responds in a different way to the vaccine, but Dr. McDanald says a prior infection could lead to more side effects.

"You might experience more aches, maybe pain near the injection site, maybe a little lethargy for a few days, maybe even a mild fever because your body has already seen those particles before," McDanald said. 

McDanald says the Louisville area is starting to see more appointment availability and decreased demand -- which is why he and other doctors are encouraging everyone 16 and over sign up to get their shots.

If you have underlying health conditions and are unsure how the vaccine will affect you, you should consult with with your primary care doctor.

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