LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- From bikers to brain surgeons, inside a Highland's bar you will find hundreds of local faces painted on the walls.

They are faces of loyal customers, who will tell you they go to The Back Door for the good eats and drinks, but more so for the people. 

"That's what's so interesting about this bar is the diversity of customers that come in here. You have anywhere from doctors, to musicians to painters," said Bill Page, who has been coming to The Back Door bar for about 20 years. "I got a lot of friends up here. A lot of people I know and like." 

People he likes so much that Page decided he wanted to capture their likeness to share with everyone. In 2007 Page started painting regulars at The Back Door on one of the bar's walls. 

"What started there eventually just blossomed room to room to room to room," Page said. "I never thought it would be three rooms full." 

After the first face was painted, requests kept coming in and still do. 

"It is amazing. There's just so many different faces, so many different people that want to be on the wall. It makes it so desirable," said John Dant, owner of The Back Door. "I've been blessed with these people, which are family to me." 

To date, Page said he has painted the faces of more than 1,000 loyal customers.

"Some of them you'll see with stars on them, and that means that they've passed on," Page said. "But the star means you're here with us in spirit." 

Page has lost friends, but has also gained friends through his artwork. He said the people and their positive reactions to his work keep him picking up the brush to paint the unique features that make up the people who call the The Back Door their second home. 

"Other than (with) my family and my friends, this is my favorite place to be," Page said. 

Space is now so limited on the walls that Page said they may have to figure out a way to get new faces on the ceiling. 

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