Teenage murder victim filed lawsuit claiming he was abused, terrified of police

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Their lives came down to a vote, taken by five men on May 22.

The men put to a vote whether to kill or let teenage brothers Larry Ordway and Maurice Gordon live, 15-year-old Anjuan Carter told police in an October interview just made public.  

In a second, more comprehensive, interview with police about the murder of the brothers and the May 5 slaying of another man, Christopher Jones, Carter said he was the only one to cast a vote calling for Ordway and Gordon to live.

During his first interview, on May 24, Carter told Louisville Metro Police that he, Brice Rhodes and Jacorey Lamont Taylor were involved in tying up the brothers and stabbing them before burning and discarding their bodies. Rhodes and Taylor have pleaded not guilty to murder and tampering with physical evidence charges.

In the October interview, released in court records this week, Carter told police there were two other adult men at Rhodes’ home that night, though he doesn't name them.

Those men helped tie up the teens, stab them and dispose of their bodies, Carter told a Louisville Metro Police detective.

Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Elizabeth Jones Brown, who is prosecuting the headline-grabbing case, and attorneys for Carter were present during this second interview on Oct. 12.

Last month, Carter pleaded guilty to three counts of facilitation to murder and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. 

Under the plea, Carter, who also pleaded guilty to tampering with physical evidence, agreed to testify against his co-defendants. Carter, 15, will remain in juvenile detention until he is 18, when he will be sentenced again. At that time, he could get supervised probation.

Also last month, a fourth man, Tieren Coleman, was arrested and indicted for murder in the stabbing deaths of Gordon, 16, and Ordway, 14. He has pleaded not guilty. 

In the newest interview, Carter mostly elaborated on a grisly story he had already given police, though he provided some new details.

After the men voted, Rhodes tied the brothers up, put Ordway in the bathroom and made Gordon get on his knees, telling him, “We gotta discipline you,” Carter claimed.

Gordon had his hands tied behind his back, a sock in his mouth and a black toboggan over his head.

Rhodes, also known as “Rambo,” covered Gordon’s mouth and stabbed him about 10 times, Carter said.

At Rhodes’ request, Carter said he stabbed Gordon three times. The men then moved Gordon’s body and brought Ordway from the bathroom.

Rhodes stabbed Ordway and ordered Taylor to help, Carter said. The other two men were also encouraged to stab the teen brothers, after they had been killed, Carter told police.

“He (Rhodes) told all of us it was something that would stay between us,” Carter told police in the October interview. It is unclear if police are still looking to find a fifth man in the case. 

Rhodes, 26, dumped the brothers in the backyard of an abandoned house in the 400 block or River Park Drive, east of Shawnee Park, and burned the bodies, Carter told police.  

Carter admitted he took Gordon’s shoes and cell phone.

Carter said he and Taylor stayed behind and cleaned up after the murders. Rhodes later them took them to burn the clothes they had been wearing during the murders.

After the murder, Elizabeth Wren, the mother of the teen brothers, called Gordon’s phone and Carter told her the teen had gone to the store.

The teen brothers were killed, at least in part, because they had witnessed the murder of Christopher Jones, 40, Carter said. Rhodes believed Gordon told his mother about that murder.

Rhodes shot Jones on May 4 on South 41st Street, believing he was a man who had a bounty "on his head," according to Carter. He told police Gordon was the “getaway driver” and Rhodes and Ordway were in the back seat when the shooting occurred.

Jones died at the hospital.

Also in court records is an interview with Brice Rhodes’ mother, who told police Rhodes is bipolar and “explosive.” The woman said she carried mace because Rhodes fought with her. She also described Rhodes as “very sweet.”

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