Option to Success Family Services in Louisville

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A new partnership in Louisville is aimed at connecting families with mental health services. 

The partnership is between the Christopher 2X Game Changers organization and Option to Success Family Services, a center for mental health and family counseling in west Louisville. Those with the business said they hope to become part of anti-violence solutions in the city and called upon Game Changers and Voices of Survivors, a new group within Game Changers, to create a partnership. 

"Our youth in west Louisville are in a war zone," said Eva Snadon, executive director at Option to Success Family Services. "Therefore, we're trying to implement a program that helps with the PTSD they're experiencing. This is similar to what the military soldiers receive."

Kristy Flippins, CEO/COO of Option to Success Family Services, said services provided include individual therapy, group therapy, case management, peer support and day treatment.

Flippis said day treatment services for 12- to 18-year-olds will include therapy and help with NTI. 

"A lot of the violence going on now is due to mental health or a lack of mental health treatment," Snadon said.

She said children and families are living in fear because of what they've seen in their own neighborhoods. So far this year, Louisville Metro Police data shows there have been more than 50 homicides.

"To witness it and to have lost loved ones to the violence, it can really be a really traumatic experience," Snadon said. "As a mother of two young African American males, it makes me paranoid. It's heartbreaking for me."

The Game Changers organization has worked on anti-violence programs and awareness for years, but this partnership aimed at mental health is something new. 

"Before we had this partnership, we would be scrambling around the city trying figure out where we could send these victims of gun violence to address the trauma, address the pain, address the anger, all these things," said Christie Welch, deputy director of Game Changers.

Welch said she gets several calls each week from families looking for these types of services.

Snadon said Option to Success Family Services will not turn families away, no matter their financial situation. 

"We're accepting all insurances including Medicaid, and if you don't have insurance, we're using the case management aspect to help you apply for insurance," Snadon said. "And if you don't qualify for it, we're just going to do it at no cost. We don't want anyone to not receive benefits or services because they can't afford it, because we realize how critical it is."

Flippins said clients will begin showing up on site next week for day treatment.

To get connected with Game Changers, click here. To get connected with Option to Success Family Services, click here or call 502-384-0091. The facility is located at 3155 Commerce Center Place.

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