'Millennial night' promotion for Lexington Legends gets flurry of 'mean tweets'

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDRB) -- Lexington's minor league baseball team is taking heat on social media for hosting a "Millennial Night."

The promotion for the Lexington Legends Monday night featured participation ribbons for everyone, nap time, selfie stations between innings and a petition circulating to make avocado toast Kentucky's state food. They also declared the stadium a #JudgeFreeZone.

While the Legends staff was having fun, some millenials were not amused and let loose with a flurry of mean tweets.

Drake Gillespie wrote: "What are you guys going to do for Gen. X and Boomer nights? Economic ruin, resulting in sky high concession and gift shop prices? Or how about a mannequin of a millennial they can blame for their own shortcomings?"

Heather Beirne said on Twitter that she thinks millennial night was mean. "Really disappointed in my local team, whose games I have attended since the very first game. Stereotyping and meanness is not what baseball is about. Baseball is about sportsmanship, being your best self, & having fun. But not at the expense of others. May not return anytime soon," she tweeted.

Seth Po didn't seem very offended by the them, when he wrote: "Millennials being offended by and complaining about Millennial Night might just be the most Millennial thing ever."

Others took the theme in stride and had a few snickers including DESYphotowerks who posted, "@LexingtonLegend LEGENDARY PROMOTION! Make light of sterotypes- said sterotypes get butt hurt. LOVE IT! Despite what the 10 ply soft kids say, the #MillennialNight promotion is great because it caused such a reaction!"

But many at the park played along including those who posted pictures with their participation ribbons and the hashtag of #MillennialNight.

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