Missing Bardstown woman's boyfriend says investigation is 'starting to get silly'

New evidence was released Monday in the disappearance of a Bardstown woman, who has been missing since July 3.

Her boyfriend, who is now the main suspect, told police he wasn't initially worried when he woke up and she was nowhere to be found. Last week, police revealed Brooks Houck, Crystal Rogers' boyfriend, is the only suspect in her disappearance and they now believe she is dead. 

Rogers was last seen the weekend of July 4. Her car was found abandoned, with her keys and her purse inside on the Bluegrass Parkway.

In police interviews with Houck, he tells them Crystal would go out with her sister and friends to "fantasy parties" and it wasn't unusual for her to be out late or even come home the next morning. He says he called her the morning she disappeared but can't remember exactly when or where he was when he made that call. 

"All these girls get together, they talk about and do whatever, and it's not uncommon for them, when they go out and party, they stay out the better part of the night if not the whole night," Brooks told a detective. 

Houck tells investigators he doesn't need an attorney and didn't have anything to do with her disappearance. 

"My whole family's name is trashed for something completely not even tied to me," he said. 

The detective points out Houck was the last person to see Rogers alive and there are gaps in his story. 

While Houck claims he, Rogers and their son spent the evening of Friday, July 3 at his family's farm, the investigator brings up a text message Rogers sent to a friend earlier that same day. 

"We've got a sitter for the evening. It's our first time being kid-free for a while, so we don't want to...we're kid-free. We're gonna enjoy ourselves," the detectives said while describing the text message. "Why would she lie to her about that?"  

Houck replies that he doesn't know. 

He also tells police his focus has become protecting his son Eli, now that his mother is gone. 

"It's taking a lot of energy and effort...I can't even go on the side of the road without looking like a murderer," he said. "This is starting to get silly. I don't need an attorney. I'm innocent. This, to me, is starting to get silly."

Last week, investigators named Houck as a suspect and officials fired his brother from the Bardstown Police Department. 

They say former officer Nick Houck interfered in the investigation. During an interview with Nick Houck in late July, an FBI polygraph examiner says he failed a previous test and has been lying. 

The polygraph examiner claims the questions Nick Houck had problems with are the ones about Crystal Rogers. 

"I don't give a god d*** what your f***ing computer said," Houck said in the interview."I'm telling you that I have been 100 percent honest with you." 

Nick Houck maintained throughout the interview that he had no information about Rogers' disappearance. 

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