Mower, weed eater donated to Bardstown teen who had lawn equipment stolen

BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) - About a month ago, 15 year-old Michael Bonza walked outside to find his lawn care tools he used for his lawn care business had been stolen.

Nearly $6,000 worth of equipment was stolen from Bonza's driveway, which put a bind on his summer business. He takes care of about ten yards, but with no equipment he thought his business was over.

"It was hard. It took time, but we did it for customer satisfaction to make them happy," Bonza said.

When WDRB aired Bonza's story at the beginning of June, the community quickly responded. Bonza said he received equipment from many people.

Red Arrow Corporation donated a weed eater and blower, CC Powersports gave him a zero-turn mower, Ship Enterprise gave him a trailer to carry it all and now, to add to the bundle, Greenworks Tools presented Bonza with several pieces of equipment. 

"We wanted to get involved as quickly as possible to help this phenomenal young man get his business back up and running," said Kevin Cowan with Greenworks.

"It was shocking that everybody wanted to give me stuff," said Bonza "But I couldn't say no."

The battery-powered equipment from Greenworks included blowers, a push mower and a weed-eater with batteries and chargers. The entire set-up was a surprise.

"My dad told me I was in trouble. But come to find out, it was really worth coming," Bonza said about how his father lured him to going to his grandmother's house.

He said he was shocked by the entire thing, but is excited to start putting the equipment to good use. Bonza's father Michael said he never thought his son's business would be back to where it was, after thieves stole everything. Bonza turns 16 this month, and his father said the burglary devastated his son.

"This summer was the year to build for his truck to pull everything. When this happened he thought he was done, he would have to start all over," Bonza's father said. "Now, he can start back where he was."

All of the new equipment will not only get Bonza's business back up and running, but the battery-powered tools will also make it more profitable.

"We don't have to worry about carburetor repair or replacement. We don't have to worry about fuel line replacement," said Cowan. "We're eliminating maintenance costs and repair costs."

Bonza's father said his son thinks just like a businessman, but also makes sure giving back to the community is a priority. He said he wants to find ways to give back like everyone has done for him.

Bonza said he was speechless, but has everything he needs to get his business back to full throttle, and hopefully take on more yards. His family had opened a GoFundMe account before equipment was donated, but they said they will close that and use the money to build the business and get items like shirts and business cards.

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