MURDER: Police say Radcliff man killed victim, took car

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Radcliff, Ky. suspect is accused of severely beating a man -- and as he lay dying in a hospital -- selling his car for scrap.

Mikel Kimbley, age 26, died two days after Louisville Metro Police say he was beaten by 34-year-old Darrell F. Bryan on Oct. 13, 2012, near a home on Main Street near 25th Street. According to an arrest warrant, Bryan hit the victim with a blunt object, then got into a car driven by a female accomplice, Jennifer Hack of Floyds Knobs, Ind.

Kimbley was taken to University Hospital and placed on a ventilator in critical condition. Police say Bryan returned to Kimbley's home a few hours later and had his car towed and sold for scrap.

Kimbley died at University Hospital on Oct. 15, 2012.

A warrant was issued for Bryan's arrest on Nov. 7, 2012. He was already in jail in Floyd County on unrelated charges. On Nov. 26, 2013 he was charged with murder and theft by unlawful taking. He is now in police custody.

"He was extradited back to Louisville yesterday and was charged with murder in that particular case," LMPD spokesman Dwight Mitchell told the media Wednesday.

Hack is already in police custody and has already pleaded not guilty to murder.

Shortly after the murder last year, WDRB News spoke with Shawn Grady, the victim's brother, who returned to the scene.

"I just wanted to come back and see if I could feel my brother's presence," he told WDRB back then. "I know my brother. I know what kind of thinking he does. He would not walk back here at a certain time of night, so he had to be lured back here and set up...I want to know why. Why was he done like that? Was it a personal problem? I'm just confused. He didn't deserve to be done like that."

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