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(FOX NEWS) -- A rural Indiana county clerk’s office accidentally posted several farewell videos on its TikTok account earlier this week.

Though the county clerk wasn’t aware the videos were even online, the clips have since gone viral.

After hearing this week that Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson was resigning, the Orange County Clerk’s Office decided to make her a goodbye video on Thursday, according to reports.

They decided to use TikTok to make their video because of the app’s filters -- even though none of the clerks had ever actually made a video on the app before, The Verge reported.

When they were done, eight variations of the same message were posted to the newly-created @deputyclerk TikTok account.

"We didn’t know that it was on TikTok," Orange County Clerk Elizabeth Jones told The Verge. "Somehow it got in the for you page, and it got sent to a lot of people."

"People were like, why did I get this," she added. "It was really meant just to be her goodbye video."

Since the clips were posted on Thursday, the @deputyclerk TikTok account has gained 4,727 followers and has received more than 144,000 likes.

The most-liked clip in the series has 80,300 likes and shows members of the clerk’s office stepping into the frame to offer Lawson their well-wishes.

"Congratulations from the Orange County Clerk’s Office," a man says.

He is followed by Jones, who adds: "We wish you the best in all your future endeavors.

"And we appreciate the good job that you have done for the state of Indiana," another woman says.

Deputy Clerk Olivia Griffith ends the clip with a wave, saying: "Goodbye Connie."

"We all had issues with one or the other so we just did it seven or eight times," Griffith told The Verge. "It said ‘save to my device,’ so I thought it was just going to the photo gallery on my phone."

Since Thursday, other TikTok users have created spinoff content, with some acting like they’re Lawson receiving the clerks’ appreciation. Another user offered to start a new trend, asking people to pick "which voice fits u best" in a lip-synced clip.

Other viewers joined in with the congratulations in the comments, including big brands like Red Bull USA, Arby’s, the Detroit Lions and the Buffalo Bills.

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