British Burger King lover hearse 6-11-19

Leonard Durkin got one last double bacon cheeseburger before heading to his final resting place. (Image Courtesy: Fox News)

(FOX NEWS) -- A great-grandfather literally took his love of double bacon cheeseburgers to the grave.

Customers at a Burger King in Leeds, England, were surprised when a hearse pulled into the restaurant’s drive-thru. The driver ordered a double bacon cheeseburger, which was then placed on top of the coffin in the back of the vehicle.

British Burger King hearse 6-11-19

The funeral director described the burger request as a "first." (Image Courtesy: Fox News via SWNS)


Leonard Durkin died at the age of 71 after a long history of heart problems, SWNS reports. Before he passed, he told his son that, when the time came, he would like his favorite snack to be placed on top of his coffin. Durkin reportedly would visit the Burger King after stopping by his wife’s grave, which was located nearby.

His son, Peter, told SWNS, “Dad had a brilliant sense of humor and before he died he said he wanted to do this. He'll be having a good laugh about this from up there. We would always go and get something to eat after visiting the cemetery where my mom is. Every time we went to Burger King he'd get a double bacon cheeseburger, so that was the one we got for him on the day of his funeral.”

British Burger King hearse 6-11-19 2

The burger was placed on top of the casket, just as Leonard Durkin requested. (Image Courtesy: Fox News via SWNS)


"People on the street and inside the restaurant were nearly snapping their necks to get a look at us,” Peter continued. "They couldn't believe what they were seeing. But the lady who served us at the window just acted like it was business as usual, she didn't even raise an eyebrow."

After stopping by the restaurant, Durkin’s body was driven to a nearby crematorium, where his friends and family had gathered. After the funeral, Durkin’s body was taken to be incinerated while Johnny Cash’s ‘Ring of Fire’ played.

British Burger King lover hearse 6-11-19 4

Leonard Durkin (L) with son Peter (R). (Image Courtesy: Fox News via SWNS)

“I made a visit to Burger King a week before to let them know we'd be coming,” funeral director Adrian Benson told SWNS. “I can't say anyone has ever requested to go through a drive-thru on the way to the service before. It was a first for me. We told the person serving us that the burger was for the man in the back, but I think the joke was a bit lost on them."

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