(FOX NEWS) -- Vets in Montana were able to revive a 3-year-old cat that was nearly frozen to death after the pet’s owners said they came home last week to find it encrusted in snow.

Fox News reports that "Fluffy" the cat was brought in last week unresponsive with a body temperature that would not register on the clinic’s thermometers, Dr. Jevon Clark of the Animal Clinic of Kalispell said Thursday.

The cat's owners said they came home to find Fluffy in a hard-packed snowbank, as though the animal had been sitting in one spot for a long time while the blowing snow drifted up around it. It wasn’t clear how long Fluffy, an outdoor cat, had been there.

“She's crouched down looking like she's hunting something or something's in the snow bank," Clark said. "And then they realized, oh my gosh, she's not moving." The vet's office warmed the cat using towels, cage warmers and intravenous fluids.

Clark said it was when Fluffy started growling that he knew the cat would be okay.

"These crabby cats are survivors," Clark said.

He also said the owners hadn’t done anything wrong and it was likely Fluffy got injured in some way that caused it to get stuck in that position.

"I suspect that something traumatic happened," Clark said. "Either something fell on her or she fell or something chased her and she got injured. ... She couldn't get back to her normal little hiding spots that she goes to."

Fluffy reportedly had been living outside the house when new owners moved in within the last couple of years and adopted her.

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