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Popeyes is selling its Cajun-style Thanksgiving turkey again this year, for just $34.99, according to recent reports. (iStock)

(FOX NEWS) -- This year’s turkey day just got a little spicier.

Popeyes is reportedly bringing back its Cajun-style turkey for Thanksgiving 2020.

The turkey is hand-rubbed with “zesty” Cajun spices, according to Thrillist.

It’s pre-cooked, so fans just have to heat it up when it’s time for their holiday meal.

To pre-order one of Popeyes’ $39.99 turkeys, customers just have to call or visit their local participating location before they sell out, Thrillist said.

Several people on social media were surprised to learn that Popeyes -- known for its chicken -- sells a Thanksgiving turkey.

"im sorry did i just see a commercial stating you can get your thanksgiving turkey from ... POPEYES?" one Twitter user wrote.

Another called it "nuts."

Others were intrigued enough to want to try the fast-food chain's spicy bird.

"Just made an executive decision. I'm ordering that turkey from Popeyes," one person said.

Despite some people's surprise, the chain has been selling its Cajun turkey for years, at least before 2012, according to a previous press release from the company.

According to that release, the turkeys are between 9 and 11 pounds and are flash-fried to give them a crispy coating.

This year has been a success for Popeyes, with the company seeing a 19.7% increase in same-store sales. According to recent reports, that’s a continuation of the growth that Popeyes saw last year after it introduced its now-famous chicken sandwich.

However, Popeyes’ sister companies have not done as well this year.

Tim Hortons and Burger King -- which, like Popeyes, are owned by Restaurant Brands International -- saw declines in same-store sales in the third quarter.

Burger King saw a 3.2 percent decline in same-store sales, while Canada-based Tim Hortons saw a 13.7 percent dip.

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