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(FOX NEWS) -- Lt. Danny Brown, a police officer in South Carolina, was out on patrol Friday night when a citizen flagged him down with a unique request. He wanted to make a TikTok video with Brown.

Though it might have been strange to another police officer, Brown -- who works for the Richland County Sheriff’s Department -- has been using TikTok for about a year, according to local television station WIS.

In fact, the citizen, Tyquan Price, was already a big fan of Brown and his videos, which is why he reached out to the officer in the first place.

While they were shooting their dance video in a car’s headlights on Friday night, Brown’s partner, Sr. Deputy Addy Perez, filmed them and later posted it on Twitter.

The 34-second video -- which has more than 21,600 views as of Sunday night -- shows Brown walking towards the camera, bobbing his head and shaking his arms before he puts on a pair of sunglasses and moves out of the way.

Behind him, Price can be seen doing much more impressive dance moves to the music playing in the background.

Price also posted the video of the dance on TikTok on Saturday, saying how much he enjoyed the collaboration.

“Thank u so much for making my day and making time out to dance with me,” he captioned the video. “One day hope we can do this again love u.” [sic]

Brown told WIS that using social media -- particularly TikTok -- is an important part of community policing.

“If we are going to reach this younger generation...especially in this COVID environment we have to use social media,” he told the station.

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