(FOX NEWS) -- That’s pumpkin’ to be thankful for.

The “Thankful Pumpkin” was first created by author Amy Latta almost a decade ago, as a way to celebrate all her family is grateful for. Now, the easy craft project has turned into a hit, with other families seeking to bring the focus of the holidays back to what they're appreciative for in their daily lives.

"Literally anyone can do it, and I was excited to think about other families taking time to focus on gratitude,” she told Today Parents in a 2018 interview.

Since sharing her idea for the Thankful Pumpkin, the trend has grown in popularity, with folks across the country taking to social media to post about their own projects.

Latta said she was first inspired to create the “Thankful Pumpkin” after playing “the ‘thankful game’” at meals with her family, where they “would take turns going around the table and saying things we were grateful for.” She picked up a pumpkin and begin jotting down what her family was saying “to physically see just how many blessings that added up to.”

"It was a great visual reminder of how blessed we are, and [my son Noah] loved watching the pumpkin fill up as we added to it every day," she told Today Parents.

Since her first Thankful Pumpkin, the family continues the tradition and photographs them each year, to keep a reminder of what made it on their lists last season.

For those interested in creating their own thankful pumpkin at home, it couldn't be simpler: "All you need to make one is a pumpkin and a permanent marker and a heart full of gratitude," Latta wrote on her blog, adding that she's since seen her creation pop up at preschools, yoga studios, and even a few Starbucks locations that asked customers to contribute their own ideas to communal pumpkins.

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