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(Image Courtesy: Fox News)

(FOX NEWS) -- For some people, a cold beer is just as satisfying as a sex on the beach. For others, they like to enjoy both at the same time.

Beachgoers at Brighton Beach in England were shocked when they caught a couple getting a little too comfortable. The woman was reportedly laying on her back, naked and holding up what appears to be a can of beer while the incident occurred.

Families were present on the beach at the time, Yahoo reports. Based on a photo taken of the couple, other beachgoers are sitting only a few feet away from them, seemingly unaware of what was happening.

According to witnesses, it appeared that the man was performing oral sex on the woman. Witnesses also claim that the couple cuddled in-between sessions.

One beachgoer told a local news outlet, “I was a little taken aback and quite shocked I had to do a double-take and looked around to see if anyone was seeing what I was seeing. They went at it for a few minutes, then stopped and cuddled for a bit, then kept going. The woman was looking around to make sure nobody was watching.”

The incident reportedly occurred around 3 in the afternoon last Thursday.

Dawn Barnett, a local councilor, described the act as "bloody disgusting," Yahoo reports. "I don't care what goes on behind bedroom doors, but on the seafront in view of families and kids, what is the matter with these human beings?"

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