LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – When it comes to paying it forward, a Nelson County Dairy Queen is seeing it happen with hundreds of customers.

On Sunday, a nurse told the employees at the drive-thru window that she could not spend a lot of time with her family right now, but wanted to make sure others spent time with theirs. She then paid for the meals of the next three cars in line. 

Before the restaurant closed Sunday night, the manager said occupants in about 90 cars had paid for the customers behind them. On Monday, more than 200 customers did the same thing. Some even paid extra to stretch the good deed as far as possible.

"I hope that the people that hear this story are also happy at a time when everybody is sad and fearful," said Amanda Shanks, the manager of the Dairy Queen in Nelson County. "I hope it brings a little bit of joy to somebody because it did us."

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