Nearly three months after her disappearance, Crystal Rogers' family is still searching

BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) -- She disappeared almost three months ago and Crystal Rogers' family is still working everyday to find her.  

The Bardstown mother of five's car was found on the Bluegrass Parkway with a flat tire, her purse, phone, keys and diaper bag still inside. 

"Each day that passes gets harder," said Rogers' mom, Sherry Ballard. "You just think, are we gonna find her?" 

As the weeks have gone by, the search party numbers have dwindled. 

"Our family misses her," her father, Tommy Ballard told WDRB News. 

The Ballards searched a rural part of Marion County Thursday. 

Judy McKee and Tammy Finci were there with their dogs from Florida to help. 

"This is the furthest that we've gone," Finci said about the organization, 'Bring Them Home' search and rescue. 

The dogs are trained to find human remains. 

"Usually, we don't get that close to the families. Usually, we work primarily with law enforcement. This has been an exception," Finci said. "They've become our second family and we'll keep returning until they don't need us anymore." 

The family has already covered a lot of ground -- Tommy Ballard estimates more than 10,000 acres. 

"There's a lot of crop land, farm land over this way," he said about Marion County. "It's a lot of secluded places. I just think she's over this way. I just got that gut feeling." 

We're told the dogs got a hit on Melody Lake in Nelson County but even with dive teams getting in the water, nothing has turned up. 

"We've searched so many areas, we're running out of places to look," Sherry Ballard said. 

With each day of searching comes the possibility of a find. 

"You want to but still, you have that fear too," said Rogers' mother. 

These parents say they won't give up until they get answers and closure. 

"Keep going 'till we find something," Tommy Ballard said. 

The family asking people like hunters and farmers who will be outside a lot this fall to keep an eye out for anything that could help them.

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