Neighbor pulls road rage suspect and victims from wreck after vehicles crash into homes

“I was sitting on the couch with my new baby in my arms,” John Hodges said. “And I was like what in the world? And I stepped closer and the car was in the air and it passed by the front of our door.”

A police report says the suspect, Christopher Bell, repeatedly rammed a victim’s car off the road and into a mailbox. Bell’s white truck and the victim’s red car sped through the neighbor’s lawn.

Hodges watched as the two vehicles smashed into his car and SUV parked in his driveway, causing major damage to the front of his house.

The white truck and red car went airborne into another neighbor's home.

“Where the real damage is, the truck went down into the lower level of the house, which is all beautifully finished,” neighbor, Stephen Swan said. “He took out the laundry room, he took out the furnace room and he pushed the wall into the bathroom that's down there.”

“My first reaction was ‘are these people alive?’” Hodges said.

Hodges handed his child to his wife and he ran to help the men who were trapped in the neighbor's basement.

“He sees the truck sitting here, he comes around to the back of my house, breaks out a window to get in to rescue the guy out of the truck,” Swan said.

“I saw the guy in the car,” Hodges said.  “I had to get him out. You could hear the gas pouring out of a tube. It wasn't a small leak. You could hear it. I knew a spark was going to blow. We pulled him out a little, bitty hole in the house.”

It was a moment of compassion, after alleged road rage. 

Bell and two victims were taken to the hospital, but did not suffer life threatening injuries.

Bell is charged with assault, wanton endangerment and criminal mischief.  He was arraigned in court Saturday morning.

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