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BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) -- During 7th period physics at Thomas Nelson High School, you'll find Benjamin Williams, a typical high school freshman reviewing for a test. But once school is out, he heads off to work as owner and operator of Ben's Jammin' Ice Cream and Snacks.

"Whenever I'm at school somebody's like you have an ice cream truck?" said Williams.

At 15 years old, he doesn't even have his license.

"By summer of next year I'll be able to drive," he said.

His mom is behind the wheel driving Ben to set up the truck, ready to scoop the tasty treat.

"Whenever I'm out selling, I get some happy music going and get people jammin'," he said.

Getting the business up and running was no easy task. "I took out about a $10,000 loan from the bank and my dad co-signed it," said Williams.

They got the truck from a junk yard. It needed a lot of work, which Ben did mostly by himself. "When we got home, it was all covered in mold and just different scratches and everything. So I got some bleach and some water and a hose, and I got out here and scrubbed it," said Williams.

Then came the paperwork most 15 year olds don't have to deal with. "I didn't know I had to have so many food licenses and business licenses, but I got it all taken care of," he said.

It's a lot to take on at any age. But after learning about Kentucky dairy farmers struggling, he knew he wanted to do something to help. "How many people and their families were getting shut down and they were going bankrupt. And I just thought it was a terrible thing."

That's why he sells locally made ice cream: Chaney's Dairy Barn out of Bowling Green. Ben's dad says he couldn't be more proud. "It's just awesome for a young person to think of something to do themselves and to be working and making money rather than playing a game," David Williams said.

Once the weather turns warm, Ben will spend the summer at 5Ks, farmers markets and other community events, earning money to pay off his truck and hopefully fund college in a few years.

"And then if it all goes well, I'd like to expand. Maybe get another truck. My mom likes to call it the herd, so maybe get like a herd of cows going," he said.

You can find Ben's Jammin' Ice Cream every weekend at the Bloomfield Farmer's Market. He's also booking parties and private events now. He can be reached on Instagram at Bensjamminicecream.

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