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LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- New Albany-Floyd County Schools will soon have a schedule change, making Wednesdays a virtual day for the district.

"It's a situation where COVID is very active and we're having to take more measures than we really want, but we believe that they are necessary for the safety of our kids," said Superintendent Brad Snyder.

Lee Ann Wiseheart, a school board member, said Snyder presented the updated calendar plans during a Monday night work session. 

This plan creates a virtual learning day for all grade levels on Wednesdays, beginning in mid-September.

Currently, elementary students are attending class in-person 5 days each week. Students in grades 7-12 currently attend virtual class on Fridays. Now, their schedules will soon change to allow for everyone to be out of the classrooms on Wednesdays. Snyder says he hopes this will help with mitigation efforts and allow more time for cleaning between student groups. 

"I think it's a good plan. I think their plan is to try to keep our community as safe as possible," said Jessica Smith, who has a daughter at New Albany High School. "It's difficult but at the same time she understands that this is the best way to keep the community safe." 

Wiseheart said she's hearing mixed reactions from parents throughout the district about the change. She says this was not voted on by the board and teachers were not aware until after it was announced. 

"When we voted on the initial reopening plan, the majority of the board gave the authority to the superintendent to make changes without a board vote," she explained.

"I know I'm getting a lot of outcry from parents and teachers especially who are disappointed that they had no knowledge of the information," she said.

Wiseheart said she believes the change will be especially difficult on the elementary students who had been going to school in-person all week. 

"It's a big inconvenience for the parents of the little kids especially," she said. However, she also added that, "I think I understand where the administration is coming from. They're working hard and we all want to do what's best and what's safe for the kids and the staff."

When the change goes into effect in Septemeber, students in grades pre-K through 6th grade will attend in-person classes Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Students in grades 7-12 will see a change to their split schedule.

Students with a last name starting with A through K will now be in the classroom on Monday and Thursday and online Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Last names L through Z will be in class Tuesday and Friday, and online Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Snyder says from what he's seen in the classroom, teachers and students are doing a great job making adjustments. He says the district has been in school 10 days and only about 20% of the 11,300 students have opted to learn on an all virtual platform. 

"We do our very best, there's just a lot of voices to hear them all at once," said Snyder.

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