NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WDRB)-- Getting a sweat session in at the New Albany YMCA. It's a routine, many have made a good habit, over the years.

Juanita Hofer has been doing it for longer than you, guaranteed.

"My eye doctor says, are you coming back? And I said 'what makes you think I won't?'" she said with a smile.

She just turned 100-years-old.

"She moves at a pretty good clip," her son, Randy Hofer said.

She hits the track at the Y every day. The cane she carries is optional. The snark is mandatory.

"I said, 'you birds get out of the way,'" she recalled jokingly saying to some other walkers.

Her equally sarcastic son can come along.

"She'll be walking behind me, and I'll go, 'hurry up pokey,'" Randy explained. People look at us like, oh my gosh, how could you talk to that poor old lady that way."

Juanita said if he gets too mouthy, "I'll take him out of the will."

When you go to the YMCA every day, you notice someone like Juanita. That's why everyone there was ready to sing Happy Birthday on her big day.

The huge smile on the guest of honor's face was hard to miss. The Mayor even made her birthday, "Juanita Hofer Day" in New Albany.

"Oh I was kind of surprised," Juanita said.

You don't make it to 100 without experiencing the trials and tribulations of life.

"My daughter died from cancer," Juanita said.

"We lost my dad about 20 years ago," Randy added.

She credits getting through it all to that son of hers who moved her in next door, the exercise she refuses to give up, and a unique deight. Krispy Kreme donuts in the morning, mashed potatoes and gravy at night.

"I eat what I want," Juanita said.

She added she doesn't sweat the small stuff. We could all learn a little something from Juanita.

"She'd tell you that," her son jokingly said.

Her life has been well lived, and it's not close to over yet.

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